Success Story: Larry H. Miller Dealerships


When the previous phone system of Larry H. Miller Dealerships couldn’t keep up with the volume of incoming customer calls, while also providing a stellar customer experience, the team looked for a new and flexible solution that would best fit their unique needs. GoTo Connect was the ideal solution given the dozens of advanced features, integrations and available add-ons they could provide to this growing business. The trusted partnership that Larry H. Miller Dealerships developed with GoTo was invaluable and made for a seamless setup and implementation. Between an observed increase in revenue, decrease in customer frustration, and time savings in system management, GoTo Connect has positively impacted their business.

Larry H. Miller Dealerships is driven by the customer experience. They are much more than a car dealership group and care deeply about making an impact in their community. Founded in 1979 and operating across seven states in the west, Larry H. Miller Dealerships sell, service and maintain vehicles. With the recent acquisition of Larry H. Miller Dealerships by the Asbury Group (ABG), the increased customer service falls right in line with Asbury’s “North Star” of “providing an exceptional customer experience.”

“GoTo Connect made setting up users to work remotely so easy. It enabled us to allow users to work from home and keep our lights on. It’s really amazing. ”


-Daniel Matthey

IT Lead and Co-Manager of GoTo Connect, Larry H. Miller Dealerships

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