Success Story: Y Whittlesea

Umart Like many organisations, Y Whittlesea saw its operations turned upside- down by the pandemic. They had been using physical handsets in the office and when COVID hit, they needed to quickly move to a more flexible solution. Carolyn Kleiman, Y Whittlesea executive assistant, took her concerns to the company’s trusted IT consultant Paul Keogh of Leisure IT, who recommended GoTo’s Phone, Meeting and Messaging solution (also known as GoTo Connect). With the solution setup, Y Whittlesea is enjoying increased productivity, access to data offsite, flexibility to work from anywhere, ease of control, and many additional benefits. 
Y Whittlesea (previously known as YMCA Whittlesea) believes in the power of inspired young people and provides a range of programs and services within the local community, which focus on the healthy living, empowerment and social impact of young people.

“I was quite surprised at how quickly they all learned how to use the new platform – I thought I’d get a lot more questions. Feedback from the team has been positive. They love that the app is on their mobile phone and that they can take phone calls without being stuck to their desks.”


-Carolyn Kleiman

Executive Assistant, Y Whittlesea

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