Success Story: The Executive Institute

The Executive Institute When it became impossible to host physical gatherings, The Executive Institute had to cancel all of its planned events. The survival of the organization depended upon finding a secure, reliable way to move its entire event program online and make it easily accessible for members. After researching the webinar hosting tools available, The Executive Institute chose GoTo Webinar from GoTo for its reliability, security and exceptional analytics. 

The results of switching to virtual events exceeded everyone’s expectations – and radically changed the organization’s event delivery plans for the long-term.
Founded in 2015, The Executive Institute is Ireland’s premier network for senior leaders, who seek to optimize their organization’s performance and develop their top talent. It provides members with inspirational events and masterclasses on topics ranging from leadership to culture and strategy. 

“There’s no doubt we are now offering a better service to members than when we only ran physical events. Member usage of events has more than doubled, and we expect our retention rates to increase, since more members than ever are benefiting from our program. Members want us to retain the new event model too, because they want to attend our events from their desks, wherever they are.”


-Conor Morris

Managing Director, The Executive Institute

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