Success Story: Small Business Association of Australia


SBAA helps a diverse array of clients with a variety of business and legal needs. But effectively meeting the varied and ever-changing needs of its members proved challenging. The organisation’s previous phone system lacked functionality; calls were answered by whoever was available at the time, meaning that members may not get answers as quickly as needed.

SBAA implemented GoTo Connect as its cloud phone system, with GoTo’s top-level support helping it quickly and easily streamline its call center. Now, the organisation can more effectively address members’ needs — and members have noticed, with many complimenting SBAA on its enhanced responsiveness.

The Small Business Association of Australia (SBAA) specialises in supporting and advocating for the SME sector. The organisation is supported by both small and big businesses, governments, academia and other key organisations, making it one of the fastest-growing business organisations in Australia. Its vision is for Australian small businesses to have equitable access to programs, services, technology, quality education and support to be successful in the global economy.

“GoTo offers us great value for the money. With many other providers, we’d have to pay extra for add-ons or upgrades to get the all-inclusive features that are a part of GoTo — that’s something that delighted us when we were getting started, and we appreciate more as time goes on.”


-Belinda Wilson

Business Manager, SBAA

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