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CatapultEMS is an emergency management system designed for the K12 industry that includes real-time student accountability, emergency alerts, law enforcement integration, and two-way teacher communication. Our system also integrates Anonymous Bully Reporting and Threat Reporting that goes directly to your designated Site Safety Team. The complete EMS system is designed to streamline your K12 communication during an emergency allowing your first responders and school safety teams to effectively direct their efforts at the areas needing the most attention.

Catapult EMS integration with GoTo Connect produces a full-bodied emergency alert notification for clients. This integration gives our school districts the ability to alert staff in an emergency not only through email, text, and phone call, but also via GoTo Connect product all-call and override to further ensure the safety of students and staff.

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For more information and instructions on how to install please contact: 855-550-9006