The first fully integrated VoIP application designed for Insurance Agencies and Brokers integrated with the agency’s AMS/BMS software.
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blueC provides the blueButler call management platform designed for the Insurance Agency / Broker market for continual improvement and execution of best practices.  blueButler integrates with leading AMS / BMS (Agency / Broker Management) Systems from Applied Systems, Vertafore, Acturis, and as well as enabling inter-operable linking of calls with other agency systems. blueButler’s enables agencies and brokers to deliver an outstanding Customer Experience, drive Revenue while improving Productivity and Efficiency, and automating Errors and Omissions Protection.

GoTo Connect’s blueButler cloud integration provides seamless capture of all real-time call events and call recordings regardless of which device (IP phone, mobile phone, softphone) makes or receives a call.  Agency call records and recordings are totally under the agency’s control and kept for whatever retention period is required (typically 7 years or longer).

blueButler guides content in real time to optimize workflows during a phone call through scripts; checklists, audio signatures,  call content (ie. tags for call types and categories) tracking and reporting. blueButler securely captures all phone call meta data and call content and integrates this critical information into workflows to consistently drive key performance targets.

blueButler’s Daily Call Activity Manager enables self-accountability for each of your staff by displaying whether or not an Activity was created for each call requiring an Activity. blueButler’s automated call content reports provide management with unparalleled power to quantitatively and qualitatively understand the strengths and weaknesses of business issues most important to their success.

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blueButler integrates with most leading AMS/BMS systems including Applied Systems Epic, Vertafore AMS360, QQCatalyst, Sagitta, Keal sigXP, Acturis PowerBroker, and and blueButler provides an inter-operable method to link calls into other AMS systems.

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