Have You Upgraded Your Meeting Recordings? Here's How! - GotoMeeting

June marked the launch of our all new Smart Meeting Assistant with productivity-boosting features like transcription backed by cloud recording. Since this latest GoToMeeting update, we’re thrilled to see so many of our customers adopting cloud recording to simplify the way they share the content of their meetings. In just the last few weeks, daily usage of the feature has grown by over 25%!

If you haven’t heard about this feature yet, here are the highlights: we’ve moved recording storage to the cloud, sped up processing time, and made sharing much easier by simply copying and pasting a link. We’ve also built this recording functionality into the GoToMeeting Web App experience, so you can record the meetings you host from both the desktop app and from the web at app.gotomeeting.com. And the best part is that it’s available to all Pro and Plus users, for no added cost.

Check out this video to see the simple step-by-step process for IT admins to provision the feature, and then how easy it’ll be for users to record and share meetings:

So hop on board the upgrade-train and activate cloud recording today!

To learn more about our brand new transcripts feature we mentioned that’s powered by cloud recording, read this blog post. GoToMeeting is catapulting our users into the future of note taking – by taking the notes for you!