New Research Shows IT Leaders are More Than Ready For AI!


I’m back with another blog post, and therefore another Dad joke – You can’t spell innovation without “A and I”.

Okay, I guess that’s more of a Dad pun. But the point is, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days. Remember all the super bowl commercials this year that featured robots? Companies everywhere (including LogMeIn) are looking for ways to integrate cognitive, predictive technologies into their products to deliver an improved customer experience.

When it comes to bringing this technology into your daily workflow and meetings, the outlook on our magic eight ball is good. We’re huge believers that cognitive technology can help eliminate the mundane tasks that are major productivity blockers and help you collaborate more intelligently. And we’re building out our products to show for it – like GoToMeeting’s Smart Meeting Assistant and our integrations with Siri and Alexa.

But our opinion only matters so much if our users aren’t ready for the shift!

We recently partnered with IDG to help understand how our customers that are leading IT departments in businesses large and small are thinking about AI and how they’re weaving it into their own tech stacks. The full paper is full of juicy stats that prove AI is top of mind for today’s IT leaders, especially when it comes to collaboration. I’ll give you some spoilers up front:

  • Nearly 3 of 4 have already committed to leadership that they’ll leverage AI technology
  • More than half say they’re doing so to modernize and gain a competitive advantage
  • Most agree that AI will help workers will be more efficient (79%); productive (74%) and make more informed decisions (74%)
  • 63% believe it will help eliminate meeting drudgery

Read the full paper to better understand where AI falls in the minds of today’s IT leadership and how they see it playing a role in boosting user productivity in their workdays.

Check out our website for more information on how GoToMeeting can help you collaborate more intelligently.