Introducing GoTo Resolve for MSPs: Making your job easier and tools more secure

Man working on a laptop in a relaxed indoor setting using GoTo Resolve IT support and management built specifically for managed service providers (MSPs)


GoTo introduces a new offering of GoTo Resolve built specifically for managed service providers (MSPs), making IT management and support fast, easy, and secure.

MSPs, we see you. We hear you. We got you.

News flash: these are stressful times. We’re all just coming off a couple of very uncertain years with the pandemic and potentially heading into greater uncertainty of what the future holds, thanks to economic headwinds and geo-political questions. While challenging in many ways, this is actually a perfect storm for managed service provider organizations. Many businesses need your help to manage the uncertainty and keep their organizations going strong.

To that point, the most recent annual MSP Day Report shows there is still a huge (and growing) appetite for managed services with services-related MSP revenue expected to increase by an additional ten percent over last year.

But it’s not easy. The pressure is on.

The study reports that most MSPs are “walking a tightrope when it comes to maintaining a happy workforce and providing a consistently top-class service offering, thanks to increasing levels of internal stress and ever-demanding customers.” The top challenges identified:

  • 78% say they need to make significant or notable improvements to address employee wellbeing
  • 92% feel the need to be more focused on security than ever before
  • 80% believe their customers are increasingly concerned about being breached by cybercriminals and are looking to them for help

Many customers experienced a record-breaking pace of transformation in response to the pandemic and expect that level of service to continue. Meanwhile, IT agents are crying, “Uncle!” from the pain points of powering that unprecedented transformation, with many heading for the door in the Great Resignation. Today, MSPs need the right tools to help them avoid rising stress levels and employee burnout, which affect performance and customer service, while at the same time meeting or exceeding their customers’ high expectations.

It's the perfect time for GoTo Resolve for MSPs.

Let’s face it: the market is flooded with outdated, bloated and low-value solutions that are supposed to help MSPs save time, grow their business, and delight their customers. Instead, these so-called “solutions” are adding more work to your day, greater friction with customers, and giving you more to manage, support, and toggle between.

GoTo Resolve for MSPs is a modern, all-in-one IT management solution that’s easy to use, takes minutes to deploy (not days), and takes security more seriously than anyone else we know. It’s anchored and secured by a zero trust architecture and includes key IT tools in remote access, remote monitoring and management (RMM), and ticketing, along with MSP-specific admin features.

“DSG is constantly looking for ways to bring more value our customers, so when we learned about the new GoTo Resolve for MSPs beta program, we jumped at the chance to be a part of it. GoTo Resolve’s user- and agent-friendly remote support functionality is invaluable for our core support use cases, while the rapidly expanding endpoint management features will give us many new avenues of support to offer our customers and grow our business. When you layer that with their unique zero trust security and new, intuitive MSP account management features, we believe that GoTo Resolve will be a key tool for us for a long time to come.”

– Yaron Assabi, Founder of Digital Solutions Group

Because now more than ever, MSPs need a consolidated solution that is:

1. Secure

Your security doesn’t just affect you but also each and every one of your customers. When your clients put their trust in you, you need to trust – really trust – your technology.

Our first-of-its-kind zero trust solution removes any potential concerns about supply chain attacks that you may have with other RMM solutions with an always-verify approach for all sensitive actions that requires a second, unique verification. Malicious actors hate that.

We’re all about zero trust and write about it extensively on our website and blog.

We back it up with permission-based support with end-to-end data encryption using government-approved 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), multifactor authentication (MFA) to add a second level of security for your accounts to make credential attacks extremely difficult, and the ability to connect your business’s single sign-on (SSO) tool so agents can securely sign into GoTo Resolve with the same identity they use for other applications.

GoTo-Resolve for MSPs user interface screenshot of zero trust security key setup for true peace of mind in RMM security.

Zero trust security key setup for true peace of mind in RMM security.

2. Fast & Easy

Whether you’re facing staffing challenges and/or working hard every day to serve the high demands of your customers, you don’t have the extra time and resources it takes to stand up, manage, and use complicated solutions.

You can set up GoTo Resolve within minutes. Multi-tenancy admin simplifies management of customer accounts. PSA integrations streamline user syncing. Multi-platform coverage extends your services (and revenue potential). Low/no-code automation means a simple path to never having to solve the same problem twice. Ticketing is built in, sparing agents from having to navigate from a ticketing tool to solving the problem.

Shall we go on? (We do, right here.)

GoTo-Resolve for MSPs user interface screenshot of partner management console: Multi-tenancy admin simplifies management of customer accounts.

GoTo Resolve for MSP: Partner management console.

GoTo-Resolve for MSPs user interface screenshot of guided agent flow, which reduces key friction points for end users and agents

Guided Agent flow reduces key friction points for end users and agents.

Join more than 6,000 MSPs who rely on GoTo.

That MSP Day Report I cited earlier mentions one more critical piece of the puzzle for MSPs to thrive today: "They need strong vendor partners that can help them provide the very best managed security services to their customers and allow them to focus on their own employees too.”

We’re here for you and we prove it with 24/7 award-winning customer support and 99.996% uptime.

Learn more and sign up for GoTo Resolve for MSPs today.