3 Ways Hosted VoIP Helps Your Global Business


For many businesses, going global is a primary objective. In fact, right now, a significant amount of e-commerce traffic already comes from international customers.

To fully leverage this opportunity, businesses are tapping into everything that technology has to offer. And tools such as Hosted VoIP are proving to be the most effective when it comes to businesses establishing themselves as a global business.

Thanks to Hosted VoIP, businesses are no longer held back by the typical challenges faced by organizations trying to achieve a global presence. Here are 3 concrete examples how Hosted VoIP can help streamline your global operations.

#1. Lowers communication bills

One of the biggest advantages that Hosted VoIP offers businesses is cost efficiency. Hosted VoIP inherently offers robust communication features that can ultimately serve as the backbone of your global operations.

Most Hosted VoIP providers offer affordable international calling rates that ensure geographically dispersed teams can easily reach out and communicate as needed. The use of international virtual numbers, eliminates per minutes charges and helps you establish local presence abroad. In addition, it allows you to receive calls anywhere in the world. Without it, your business will likely have to constantly worry about expensive long distance phone bills. This could prevent team members from being productive and efficient.

#2. Supports unprecedented mobility

Reliable, high-quality communication tools will play a huge role in your goal of taking your business to a global level. Fortunately, Hosted VoIP not only gives you the ability to make phone calls easier, but it also empowers you to be more mobile. Hosted VoIP lets you use your smartphone as a business phone; and this essentially means that you’re no longer tethered to your desk to be accessible and productive. As a result of this, geographic boundaries that typically pose challenges for global operations are easily managed.

Hosted VoIP, given its real-time communication features and efficient call routing schemes, allows team members across different locations to coordinate quickly and easily. It gives employees, no matter where they are located, the option to work anywhere—making way for your business to go global. With Hosted VoIP, you can easily reach out to customers worldwide, use a virtual office to host meetings, even expand your talent pool by hiring remote employees.

#3. Provides robust supplementary features

Hosted VoIP’s communication features may be the primary reason why it makes sense to rely on it when trying to expand your business. Additionally, it also offers a wide selection of features that make it an ideal tool for growing organizations.

For example, features such as call routing and music-on-hold ensure that you’re able to project a sense of professionalism. Find Me/ Follow Me, presence, as well as voicemail to email alerts allows employees to stay on top of everything and keep everyone in the team—regardless of where they are located—in the loop. Call monitoring features and analytics provide insight into how you can improve communication and coordination efforts across your organization to maintain optimum efficiency.

Bottom line

Hosted VoIP is making communication across geographical boundaries simple and seamless. To that end, it makes sense to have a platform in place that not only provides reliable communication features, but also a full host of tools to support your company’s global business goals. To find out what we can do to help, contact us at Jive today.