What's new: Ai integrations and mobile inbox for customer engagement

What’s new with GoTo: New integrations, analytics, and an improved app experience


GoTo’s customer engagement solution launched in February 2023, and we already have new updates to share. The product team has been busy making our solution more powerful for customer interactions and boosting business growth. Check out what’s new at GoTo.

What’s new:

Chat GPT Integration

Everyone is talking about AI — and for good reason. It’s a top technology trend for 2023 and already present in our daily lives. AI is changing the workplace and we’re learning to embrace and adopt whenever AI can help. Our Customer Engagement solution is now officially AI-powered with Open-AI's ChatGPT integration. This integration makes writing clear, straightforward customer messages a breeze. Input basic prompts into the integration and let the AI messaging assistant handle the rest.

GoTo’s Customer Engagement solution makes it easy for businesses to meet customers where they are and improve the brand experience. Customers can contact you via their preferred channel such as SMS, web chat, and social media messaging. And all communications are centralized in one inbox. You can also schedule outbound campaigns like timely marketing promotions via SMS.

Customer Engagement is already powerful but writing to your customers just got more efficient with ChatGPT. Speed up communications and focus on what matters — like growing your business.


Customized surveys for customers

With GoTo Customer Engagement, you can create and send out surveys to your customers. Feedback is helpful to understand customer needs and with surveys added to your SMS campaigns, you can immediately get responses on NPS scores, product improvements, brand perception, and more. The product update also allows an automated follow-up survey flow after each customer interaction. A happier customer base is the goal, and with customized surveys you will have actionable insights to keep improving.


All-new mobile experience

Customer Engagement is officially on-the-go with the new mobile experience. Your inbox and shared contacts are accessible on the mobile app so you can interact with customers wherever you are. This means faster response times for your business and improved internal efficiency. We like the sound of that. In GoTo’s 2023 IT Priorities research, 34% of surveyed businesses use 3 or more platforms to manage customer communications. At GoTo, we think you just need one — one powerful, easy-to-use, affordable customer engagement tool.


At GoTo, we are always enhancing our products to make your worklife better. Check out the webinar to have an in-depth walkthrough of these latest updates.